About Us

Lamont Avenue is a well known street in Cleveland, Ohio that our founder Dominic Lewis grew up on. The house on the labels is the house that his grandparents Irlene and Calvin Lewis Sr. purchased and were married 60 years in. 12 children and over 80 grandchildren were raised in that house and on that street. Calvin Lewis played a huge part of Dominic’s upbringing, hence the dedication to Calvin on the back of the label. Lamont Avenue Winery specializes in handcrafted sweet wines but is ultimately a remembrance of his loving grandparents and his moral and disciple sound raising on Lamont Avenue.

Bottle design history/evolution

Dominic in the early days, spent 45 minutes to a hour in grocery stores comparing wine bottles and the reasoning behind average wine drinkers choosing certain bottles. He noticed that a bunch of the wines were in standard bottles, with regular corks, and plain labels. The question was asked, “If I didn’t know anything about these wines, what would make me purchase this wine over the others?” Unique labels, names, and closures stood out to him the most. Lamont Avenue’s original bottles feature metal labels that were custom made from Japan, custom crystal closures from the Czech Republic, and a name with an elegant ring, stemming from the street he was raised on. Every bottle from 2018-2021 was handcrafted personally from the founder, Dominic Lewis.


Two months before celebrating the 4th year anniversary of the company, Dominic signed a contract with the Cleveland Charge G-League team, making Lamont Avenue the presenting wine sponsors for the team.


Dominic signed a contract with the Hall of Fame Stadium, making Lamont Avenue the presenting wine sponsor for the team.

“Covid-19 edition” during the Covid era, we had an closure change. Our original closure company were having issue getting us the original tops so we had to source out something similar. They weren’t identical to the originals, but close enough for us to continue business. We had mixed reviews from the change, but our founder was determined to keep the brand alive. A lot of these weren’t in circulation but if any of our followers still have a bottle, they truly have something special from our journey.

Evolution of Lamont Avenue